Pricing is a vital part of a business’s strategy. Traditionally, businesses in competitive markets have relied on it to defend and grow their market share. Successful businesses inevitably get pricing “right” — that is, they achieve a mix of delivering value to their customers while simultaneously being profitable themselves.

In ecommerce, businesses depend on technology to maintain the differentiated pricing they usually deliver in offline operations. This calls for the platform to have dynamic control on the value of goods bought and the size of an order to manage the allocation of differential prices. For instance, manufacturers normally supply goods at different prices when selling to wholesalers, retailers, and directly to consumers (D2C).

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I was a blogger by chance. I never knew there was a career option in this until I became a blogger. Writing always made me feel happy. Happy as I could ever be because I could literally spill all my heart’s deepest contents onto a paper.

The first thing as…

A common man’s point of view

I am from this generation and I find it so annoying when I see so many emails from different brands offering me multiple discounts every day. I don’t understand how brands can afford to keep giving discounts every other day. Some days it is at 50% off and other days…

So how often have we thought about having an extramarital affair? Especially when you are in a relationship that doesn’t give you what you deserve, the respect that you deserve, the affection that you long for, a caring partner just to tuck that wild strand of hair in place.


Sneha Jubin

An ecommerce fanatic who fell in love with the world of ecommerce and is trying to master the art of selling via ecommerce.

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